Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean.


Three years ago, on the 13th September 2016, the Council of Ministers in Cyprus changed the ‘Scheme for Naturalization of non-Cypriot investors by exception’, and they made new criteria for getting Cypriot citizenship. The Council of Ministers in Cyprus want to encourage new non-Cypriot investors and individuals with high net worth to invest and get the second passport from Cyprus.


Cyprus has 9,251km2, and the population number 847,008, and Cyprus is in the EU since 2004, it is a member for the last 15 years. Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus and the official language is Greek. It is also a member of the Eurozone with the official currency Euro. Cyprus has 6 seats in the EU Parliament, and the type of political system in the country is a presidential republic.


If you want a second passport from Cyprus you must first make a substantial economic contribution to the country. There are several options, and one of them is to make an investment to the Alternative Investment Funds or some other Cypriot organizations. The second option is to buy real estate and invest in infrastructure projects. To apply for the Citizenship Program Cyprus there is a third option to purchase or participate to Cypriot business.
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The investor/the main applicant and his or her adult family members must have a residence document in Cyprus. If you do not have this document you must apply for an Immigration Permit on the basis of Regulation 6 of the Aliens and Immigration Law. The Cypriot Government grants the second citizenship to the investor’s spouse, parents, and adult children, and the children under the age of eighteen. If you want to apply for the Citizenship Program in Cyprus you must be older than 18 years, with no criminal record, and have excellent health. The application of the investor’s partner will be added to the main application and they will be processed at the same time for Cypriot citizenship. The whole process is very complex and rigorous and you need to gather all the information in one place. The timeline of the application process depends on many things and it is hard to predict how long it takes to finish. The whole process may be dividing into the few following steps:
- Preparation of application and pre-approval by GCI- Global Citizenship Investment
- Submission of the Application to the Government of Cyprus
- 3 or 4 months-long process of application by the Government
- Approval in principle
- Investment in one of the options for the second passport
- Citizenship certificate issued.
- Passport application and issuance.
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Cyprus is one of the most beautiful Eastern Mediterranean Sea countries in the world, it has a subtropical climate with a warm and hot summer and mild winter. The snow falls only sometimes in the Troodos Mountains, which are located in the center of the island. The summer is very dry, and the rain only falls in the winter. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and it has the world’s 51st largest population. The location is south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel and Palestine, north of Egypt and southeast of Greece. The island has 240 kilometers from end to end and 100 kilometers wide at its widest point. The most important services of the country are tourism, finance, shipping and real estate, more than four-fifths of GDP. Cyprus is the member od the EU for 15 years, from May 2004, and the national currency is euro. The Citizenship Program Cyprus will give you a lot of benefits and will improve your lifestyle so we recommend this program for the second passport. Just some of the benefits are:
- Visa-free travel to 173 countries, including all EU states, UK, and others.
- You can establish oneself in every European Union country, all 28, including Switzerland.
- You can easily transfer your money in all European countries for free.
- Numerous opportunities for investment.
- Waiting time frame of 90 days.
- Al low tax regime for worldwide income.
- No residence mandatory requirements.
- You can keep dual citizenship if you wanted.
- Low cost but a high standard of living.
- You will get an excellent education and healthcare system, with advanced infrastructure.


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The purpose of the Cypriot passport is to travel internationally, and the passport and identity card allows you free movement and residence in any country of the EU because Cyprus is the member since 2004. You can visit 173 countries without a visa, or your visa will be granted on arrival. The Cypriot passport is the 15th passport in the world, in the list of the best world’s passport. With the Cypriot passport, you can live and work in any EU country.


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