Greece is a country located in Southeast Europe. Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki.

Dear Applicant and Investor

We are Global Citizenship Investment Program and we want to thank you for showing an interest in our services.

At the beginning of successful cooperation, we want to introduce our company to you. We are licensed and accredited program worldwide, in each country, and we can get for you second passport in the countries where we have citizen and residency programs. We can advise you about any program we have, and about all the financial advantages of every program. We have a team of serious consultants, that will help and guide you through the whole application process, our consultants will explain to you all business opportunities in the program.

GCI by The Consultant Middle East is a global leader when it comes to this matter, they know everything about planning second residence and citizenship. Our clients are successful businessmen and their families you think smart about their future. They are willing to try the second passport experience and our consultants will connect with the Greece Government.


Greece is one of the best options for the second passport if you want to get citizenship in Europe because the real estate investment prices are cheaper than Portugal for example. The return on capital for rent in Greece is around 6-9%.

Citizenship by Investment Program in Greece – Golden Visa Greece Program

Legal Considerations

- Preparation of application and pre-approval by GCI- Global Citizenship Investment
Every person who wants to make a significant economic contribution to Greece (at least €250,000) can get citizenship for him and his family. When the detailed check is over you and your family can start a new safe and reliable life in this beautiful sunny country.
All good investors are invited to come to Greece and get full citizenship of the country. For the economic contribution to Greece in exchange, you will get full citizenship for you and your whole family.
The documentation that you will require:
• Main Citizenship by Investment Application Form
• Medical Certificate
• Birth Certificate
• Passport
• Marriage Certificate
• Application for every family member
• Criminal Record Verification
• CV and business background


The first step is preparation and talk with GCI’s Immigration Advisors. GCI’s immigration advisors will check all your personal information and help you choose the most suitable citizenship by investment option for you. You can apply with your wife/husband, and dependent children (under 21 years old), or dependent parents and grandparents. You can also apply only to yourself. The process is rigorous and the preparation must be detailed, and you must get all the needed information. The time you need for getting a second passport to depend on each applicant and their access to the required documents. Our consultants will try to find the best property in Greece for you, according to your wishes and the Greece Government.
Prepare documents
- You must provide all the necessary documents because you must fulfill a detailed checklist. Our agents will guide you through the whole process. Complete Investment
- You must open a Greek bank account before the beginning of the procedure, and complete the investment. Submit a residence permit application
-When you became the owner of the Greek property you can apply for a residence permit the very same moment. You also need to shoe the payment of the €250,000. During the whole process, you do not need to be in Greece for an interview or something like that.

Apply for a residence permit

A residence permit will be delivered the same day as application, you do not need to live in Greece, you can stay abroad. Apply for Citizenship after 7 years of living in Greece
You can become a citizen of Greece after 7 years of living in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

The Total Contribution and Payment Steps:

Payment Process Step 1: Processing Fees
- 5.000, -EUR due diligence Fee
-10.000, -EUR Advisor & Lawyer Fee plus each member 2.500, - EUR
Payment Process Step 2: Investment
- 250.000 EUR Real Estate minimum plus VAT
- 15.000 EUR Transfer Costs of around 6% (Appraisal Report, Notary, Stamp duty, Title Transfer, Application Fee Immigration)
Return of Investment true rent payments in 7 years 122.500 plus the return of Real Estate 250.000, in total 372.500 return
That means you will make a profit of 85.133 EUR and the opportunity to have one of the best citizenships in the whole world and the option to travel visa-free to 183 countries.
You can apply here and we will help you in the whole process.

The documentation that you will require in the application process:
• Main Citizenship by Investment Application Form. • Application Checklist • Medical Certificate • Birth Certificate • Criminal Record Verification • Police Record with fingerprints and signatures from origin country and country of residence • Notarized copies of Marriage Certificate/ Dissolution of Marriage Certificate, if required • Proof of payment of relevant fees • Notarized copies of diplomas college or university • Notarized copies of passports and birth certificates of all family members • Passport photo of white background (40mm x 50mm in jpeg.) • Identity document or identity card • Military service and discharge documents • Bank reference • CV and Personal references • Audited financial reports
All the required documents must be in English or have to be translated by the Certified Translator and notarized.
In the next steps, our agent will guide you through the entire submitting process if you want to apply for the Citizenship Program Greece. You will get the professional guidance on the application procedure and support and the best real estate search.
Our consultants will prepare all the documents for you and represent on your behalf.
We also offer additional services like concierge services, property investment and advice service, notary public services, relocation assistance, translation services, trust planning, banking services, and fiduciary services
Our solution of the second passport in Greece will be paid back at the end of the 7th year. We will prepare all the paperwork for you and submit the documents for the second passport in Greece, and you have ta 99% chance of getting the citizenship of Greece. We do not accept every investor if the client does not have a real chance. Greece’s passport is one of the most interesting citizenship by investment program because it has some of the most beautiful real estate investments in Europe. The passport of Greece is on the 6th place in the world.

Benefits and Facts about the passport of Greece
• Member of the Schengen Area
• Low-cost access to a European Golden Visa
• The Mediterranean climate and strategic location
• A long tradition of hospitality towards immigrants
• No minimum stay requirement
If you choose Greece Program you will get access to higher education for you and your family. You will enjoy Greek gastronomy and a beautiful natural environment every day. This country which is a birthplace of Western civilization is safety for living with the excellent health service.


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The purpose of the Greece passport is to travel internationally, and the passport and identity card allows you free movement and residence in any country of the EU because Greece is the member since 2004. You can visit 173 countries without a visa, or your visa will be granted on arrival. The Greece passport is the 15th passport in the world, in the list of the best world’s passport. With the Greece passport, you can live and work in any EU country.


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