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Slovenia is one of the globe's most significantly underrated countries, both in regards to large quality of life and also its merits as a host territory for EU residency.

While Slovenia does not have a Golden Visa program per se, you do have the alternative of getting Slovenian residency by making an eligible company investment with a residential or commercial property part. This choice is significantly ending up being a lot more preferred amongst South African households as well as organisations, as the expense of the investment part called for can be up to 6o% less than the expense of a normal Golden Visa investment. Eligible financial investments in Slovenia begin with EUR100,000, compared to the EUR350,000 to EUR500,000 needed for countries such as Portugal and also Spain).

Some of the benefits of a Slovenian investment residency include:

  • A dynamic company investment that opens doors into Europe
  • Visa free traveling to and also within the European Union
  • Unrivaled lifestyle in a very central European location.
  • Become eligible to get Slovenian citizenship after maintaining your irreversible residency for 5 years or even more.


Slovenia is a very developed country appreciating prosperity as well as stability within the European Union. It delighted in a GDP capita by purchase power parity at 83% of the EU28 average by as very early as 2014, which continued to be unchanged throughout 2015 a really climbed by 2% from the 2013 standard.

The country flaunts well created infrastructure, a highly informed workforce, and also a suitable location from a trade route and multiculturalism point of view. Its historical levels of foreign direct investment has traditionally been among the most affordable in Europe, yet has been growing steadily in recent times.


Virtually 66% of the country's populace is utilized in the services industries, with around 35% of the labor force being used in the industrial field, and 2.2% operating in farming. Employment, since 2017, is at around 7%.


Situated on the Adriatic Sea, the Republic of Slovenia is situated in the southerly part of Central Europe. The country is also classified as creating part of Southern and Eastern Europe. Slovenia is centrally situated, bordered by Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Croatia to the south and southeast, the Adriatic Sea to the Southwest and also Hungary to the northeast.


Since September 2017, the country has a populace of 2.06 million individuals, and covers an area of over 20,000 square kilometers.


The country is a legislative republic, with a multi-party system. The head of the Slovenian state is a president, that is chosen by popular ballot. The country's exec and also administrative functions are satisfied by the Government of Slovenia, headed up by a Head of state. Legal authority is held by a bicameral Parliament.

The judiciary is independent of the various other 3 constitutional branches. Judges appreciate a long-term required, as well as are selected by the National Assembly. Slovenia belongs to the UN, EU along with NATO. The country's biggest city and also resources is Ljublijana.


Ethnic culture sensible, the country contains 83% Slovenes, 2% Croats, 2% Serbs, 1% Bosniaks, with the remaining 12% of the population consisting of a mix of european and also foreign citizenships.


In terms of religious religions, Catholicism controls, with approximately 57% of the country following this belief. Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism as well as Eastern Orthodoxy are all small minorities. With over 10% of the populace self-identifying as non-religious or agnostic.

GDP: Since 2017, the country's approximated GDP is around $69.350 billion, putting it at position 97 around the world. The per head GDP is around $21,060.


Being a member state of the European Union, the country's money is the Euro (EUR).


Aluminum items, zinc and also lead smelting, army and also consumer electronics, in addition to the manufacturing of vehicles, vehicles, chemicals, wood items, textile as well as machinery.


Slovenia's key profession partners include Germany, Austria, Italy, France as well as a number of other EU countries.


What is the lifestyle like in Slovenia? Formed in 1948, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Advancement, releases the OECD Better Life Index. The index uses a medically sound viewpoint on the loved one lifestyle in over 360 territories and also nations. Slovenia carries out will in a number of steps informing the Better Life Index.

The country scores over standard in terms of education and abilities degrees, in addition to work life equilibrium, ecological high quality and individual safety and security. In terms of income degrees, civic engagement and also subjective health and wellbeing, it ratings rather below the index standard.
While the overall OECD standard is around US$ 29,000 per year, the Slovenian per capita GDP is around US $19,100, with a considerable gap between the country's wealthiest and poorest revenue earners. The top 20% of income earners take home practically 4x as high as the lowest earners.

In regards to work, around 64% of residents aged 15 to 64 have a paid work. Around 86% of grownups aged 25 to 64 have finished some type of top additional schooling or education.

The country's ordinary life expectancy is around 80 years at birth. The country ratings above standard in terms of air quality, as well as its water quality is considerably better than the OECD average of 81%. Possibly surprisingly, offered the above, Slovenians price their overall basic satisfaction at around 5.7 out of 10, compared to the OECD standard of 6.5 out of 10.

In regards to real estate high quality, Slovenia scores a 6.1 out of 10. It ratings 7.7 for education, 6.5 for jobs, 7.2 for health, 7.4 for work-life balance, and a monstrous 9.4 out of 10 for individual security. The country ratings 7 out of 10 for health care, 8 for service liberty, as well as 8 for resistance.

You may obtain Slovenian citizenship:

In special cases, Slovenian citizenship may be obtained extraordinarily if this is beneficial for the state for scientific, economic, cultural, national or similar reasons, provided that you actually live in Slovenia continuously for at least one year before submitting the application and you have the lawful status of a foreigner, and you must also fulfil additional conditions. In exceptional cases, you may acquire Slovenian citizenship even if you do not fulfil the condition of one-year continuous residence in Slovenia and the condition of the lawful status of a foreigner, taking into account your exceptional contribution to development and increasing the international reputation or recognition of Slovenia. Certain conditions may also be overlooked if you are a Slovenian emigrant or his/her descendant to the second generation in a straight line or a member of an autochthonous Slovenian national community in a neighbouring country claiming the benefit of the state for national reasons.

Article 10

The competent authorities may within their discretion admit the petitioner through naturalisation to the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia if the State is interested in such an act for national reason. The person shall fulfil the following conditions:

1. that the person has reached 18 years of age;
2. that the person has a release from current citizenship or can prove that such a release will be granted if he/she acquires citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia;
3. that the person has been actually living in the Republic of Slovenia for the period of 10 years, of which at least five years prior to the petition for citizenship must be without interruption;
4. the person should have a guaranteed residence and guaranteed permanent source of income of an amount that enables material and social welfare;
5. the person must demonstrate active command of the Slovenian language in an obligatory written and oral examination;
6. that the person has not been sentenced in the state of which he/she was a citizen or in the Republic of Slovenia to a prison term longer than one year and for a criminal offence prosecuted by law if such an offence is punishable by the laws of its own country or by the laws of the Republic of Slovenia;
7. that there is no ban on the person's residence in the Republic of Slovenia;
8. that the person's admission to citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia poses no threat to public order or the security and defence of the State.
9. the person must discharge his/her tax obligations.

The condition from item 2 of the preceding paragraph is considered as fulfilled if the person has no citizenship at all or if the person can submit the evidence that his/her own citizenship is cancelled through naturalisation by the law of his own State. In case the person submits the evidence that such dismissal can not be given by his/her State or that the voluntary acquisition of foreign citizenship is considered as an act of disloyalty sanctioned by the regulations of his/her State, a simple statement given by the petitioner shall suffice that he/she is willing to renounce foreign citizenship if the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia shall be granted to the petitioner.

The obligatory examination of the command of the Slovenian language according to the item 5 of the first paragraph of this Article shall be taken by the person who applies for acquisition of the citizenship before the competent commission appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia which shall also specify the criteria for the written and oral examination.

If criminal proceedings have been initiated for a criminal offence under item 6 of the previous paragraph, the competent body deciding on the admission into citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia shall suspend the procedure until a legally binding decision has been taken in the criminal proceedings.

If the petitioner has served his/her sentence or if all the legal effects of the sentence have ceased, the conditions under item 6 of the previous paragraph shall be considered as fulfilled.

You do not have to fulfil the condition of continuous residence in Slovenia on the basis of the lawful status of a foreigner, the condition of guaranteed means that ensure material and social security, and also the condition of settled tax liabilities if you are not liable for the payment of taxes in Slovenia.
However, you must demonstrate personal active ties with Slovenia and at least five years of active participation in Slovenian societies abroad or other Slovenian emigrant, immigrant or minority organisations, or that you have terminated Slovenian citizenship for understandable reasons and request to acquire Slovenian citizenship anew. The applicant must also enclose with the application recommendations of the relevant organisations confirming his/her active ties with Slovenia and evidence from the relevant organisations attesting to his/her activity for at least five years. If possible, the applicant should also submit official documents issued abroad which show that he/she has claimed to be of Slovenian nationality. In case you are interested, please, send us your CV for consideration.

The decision on accepting a foreigner to Slovenia citizenship is in jurisdiction of the Government in case of national interest. That is why we can only submit a limited number of applications. The government holds the right to approve only specific isolated proposed investors, as well, as to change the contribution price individually.

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Slovenian citizenship may be gotten by birth, with another words that a specific obtains citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia by means of his/her moms and dads or at the very least one of them, offered that the moms and dad is a Slovenian individual at the time of the birth.

Slovenian citizenship with superior naturalization

Immigrants can get Slovenian citizenship similarly with remarkable naturalization. If there are any type of rate of interest of the nation Slovenia because of clinical, financial, social, various other or nationwide similar factors in addition to stipulates a 1-year duration of real living in the Republic of Slovenia in addition to makes it possible for the acquire citizenship under much less difficult problems

Immigrant demands to accomplish the list below problems:

  • The individual must go to least 18 years of age,
  • The individual has actually an ensured long-term revenue resource in a minimum of the amount that allows product along with social protection,
  • The individual has really not been sentenced to a genuine jail sentence longer than three months, neither conditionally punished to jail sentence with probation much longer than one year
  • The individual's home license in the Republic of Slovenia has in fact not been annulled
  • The individual's naturalization provides no threat to the general public order, safety and security or defense of the State
  • The person has settled all tax commitment responsibilities
  • The individual sends an affirmation that, by getting citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia, he/she agrees with the authorized system of the Republic of Slovenia

The existence of conditions that require the factors for this type of citizenship being given is developed by the Federal federal government of the Republic of Slovenia on the basis of the opinion of the competent authority.

When you make your decision to get Slovenian citizenship, we can assist you with the application, meeting required forms as well as be likewise accredited for this treatment in your component.

Residency by Financial investment

Minimum Investment:

Schengen member:

Physical residency:
No requirement

Brief processing time:
2-3 months

Application procedure

  • Candidates authorize a solution agreement with GCI worldwide citizenship monetary investment
  • After tax commitment registration, the prospect gets in Slovenia to open a bank account.
  • The company is produced as well as begins treatment. After the preparation job of the called for documents, the application for residency is sent. Managing time is typically in between 2 and also 3 months.
  • Once the candidate is approved, they may enter into Slovenia within 2 week. Presently, the prospect can register their private address as well as register in the Slovenian scientific system.
  • The initial authorization can be restored after one year, although there is no physical residency demand. Entrepreneur and additionally capitalists are entirely complimentary to remain outdoors Slovenia, as long as the Slovenian service continues to be to run as well as additionally make profits.


Capitalists have to please the adhering to standards:

  • Residence & Citizenship
  • Over 18 years of ages
  • Residence & Citizenship
  • No rap sheet
  • Home & Citizenship
  • Have to have ample approaches of subsistence, a minimum of equivalent to the fundamental annual earnings in Slovenia
  • Have to have appropriate medical insurance, at the least covering emergency circumstance treatment
  • Have to have appropriate medical insurance, at the least covering emergency circumstance treatment

Why Select Slovenia Citizenship by Financial Investment Program?

Generally, prospects can get long-lasting residency after 5 years of continuous residence. After one decade, prospects can seek citizenship. This can be sped up in certain scenarios.
  • Family member can in addition be included in your house permission applications.
  • Slovenia belongs to the Schengen area and also citizens are entirely cost-free to mix the Schengen area, used they do not resolve in one nation for above 3 months.
  • Slovenia has a positive tax commitment system for solution with minimized strong tax obligation as well as also a high accessibility of skilled labor. Company registration is quick and also straightforward: the normal time is 5 days.
  • Slovenia has a high standard of life and likewise a very decreased criminal task cost. Health care is top notch as well as cost-effective.
  • Slovenia has exceptional highway centers, 2 considerable globally trip terminals with web links to cities around Europe, along with top notch internet insurance protection.



Permanent residency

  • First 5 years:
  • Residence & Citizenship Time Arrow following 5 years
  • Residence & Citizenship Time Arrow After ten years

Anybody can come to be a Slovenian citizen by starting a company as well as spending the needed EUR7,500 in paid-up capital. Once your company is up and running, you can just apply for a residency license to run the firm. Preferably, your service will certainly employ at least one Slovenian worker, although that is not always called for, and also can be done later on. Slovenia may not be as affordable as some eastern European nations however is fairly cost effective compared to western Europe if you need to employ team. Long as you maintain your nose tidy and your firm earns enough in profits to pay you a comfortable wage-- EUR1,000 a month is a good location to start-- you must have no problem having your residence permit restored after the first year as well as every few years after that. Personal income tax obligation rates in Slovenia can be as high as 50%, but are far lower on basic wages. You will certainly require to pay social security tax on your wage; an owner-employee earning tiny profits and also a basic salary need to anticipate to pay around EUR4,000 to EUR5,000 a year in tax obligations. If your organization grows, corporate taxes are a more respectable 17%, which is reasonably reduced for Europe. After 5 years of permanent residency in Slovenia, you can apply to become a citizen as long as you have some capability to speak the language. The intriguing component is that, if your company requires you to travel throughout Europe, you may have the ability to prevent being taken into consideration tax obligation homeowner in Slovenia if you spend fewer than 183 days in the nation.

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Minimum Investment

different, depending on the agreement of the government from 1 Mil. – 3 Mil. EUR

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