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Citizenship North Macedonia


GCI - Global Citizenship Investment offers Citizenship North Macedonia as our main service. Do you need a second passport because your mainland's passport limits your travels or requires acquiring visa which can consume valuable time?
Take a look at our European Citizenship North Macedonia requirements and procedures, as they will simplify your everyday travels and open many more opportunities. 

WHY DO WE OFFER European Citizenship North Macedonia

Global Citizenship by Investment is a company that does not work in a pure materialistic sense of business. We have passed decades of long gained experience about European Citizenship North Macedonia, and along the way we have met contacts and organizations that we worked together with, establishing our Citizenship North Macedonia service as a way to endorse countries to help applicants in need of visa-free travel or simply second citizenship around the world, in return for helping the country the applicant would choose to invest in. It is a mutual benefit idea, and as time passes by the investment made by the applicant will prove financially beneficial for both. This is why our European Citizenship North Macedonia service will be next-level for not only your business, but future life ideas as well.

ADVANTAGES OF European Citizenship North Macedonia

There are no restrictions and there is no discrimination, so all nationalities can apply for second citizenship, thus making Citizenship North Macedonia eligible and easily accessible to you. You get a chance to legally obtain second citizenship in just months, with our Citizenship North Macedonia service. You can always keep your current nationality and your current passport, and you don’t need to live in the country of your new citizenship. You will be always protected by the Government and citizenship law. You can travel without a visa, you can travel all across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. And if you need a visa for some country you will get it easily. And you can also easily obtain a resident visa in other countries, for example in countries of the European Union. We at GCI make sure that your European service runs smoothly and safe, because we care for our clients.

Why is  Citizenship North Macedonia useful

second passport
visa free travel

IMPORTANT ABOUT Citizenship North Macedonia

There are significant advantages that you get when you apply for second citizenship, or more specific Citizenship North Macedonia, and when you obtain a second citizenship, and we are going to tell you what those are.
And one of the most important advantages is tax benefits. The tax regimes are very generous, and there is no wealth, inheritance, foreign, gift, income or capital gains tax. You will not have to pay an income tax if you are not residing in the country of citizenship. And there are tax holidays for certain qualified investment projects. 

Citizenship North Macedonia

GCI - Citizenship North Macedonia


A Place To Call Home

Our goal is to up the standards in obtaining citizenship through investment programs, and decades of experience in obtaining Citizenship North Macedonia will bring the industry standards to a higher level by engaging all involved stakeholders. We would like to see the world as a better place, where global citizens have a premium level of life. Our company main goal is to provide fast and safe immigration solutions to the country of your choice. Apart from providing initial consultation, we do ensure also all adjacent services required by the clients during all process and beyond its finish terms.


Citizenship North Macedonia

HOW TO GET STARTED WITH GAINING Citizenship North Macedonia

The procedure for acquiring European Citizenship North Macedonia is very simple, and we will guide you through the whole process, as you will learn what it means to be the man of the world, and investing to help others gain new opportunities, as you gain Citizenship North Macedonia along the way.

Citizenship North Macedonia PROCEDURE

WE OFFER SOLUTION FOR Citizenship North Macedonia

We give results

Our company is dedicated to giving you real results, not simply selling you a product. We want you to feel safe and gifted with us, as we treat our clients with upmost respect, whilst securing your Citizenship North Macedonia.

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Citizenship North Macedonia

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