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Special Citizenship over Ministry of Economic and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Solution for Exemptional Citizenship Belize

The Department GCI - Global Citizenship Investment has been 2016 a specialist in the field, to help investors to get Exemptional Citizenship Belize and others. If you have interest to get Exemptional Citizenship Belize or like to know if it’s general also possible to get Exemptional Citizenship Belize or second Citizenship, you have to send us an Email or call us under.
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This Exemptional Citizenship Belize Solution have nothing to do with a classic citizenship by Investment or Residency Program in different countries. To apply for Exemptional Citizenship Belize in Belize you must have directly connection to the Government and of course, you must know the different law from Belize to be a part of Exemptional Citizenship Belize

So often we learn that the respective embassy of the Exemptional Citizenship Belize doesn't know in the least about these laws. I was recently approached by an investor who was confused because the embassy in Indian knew nothing about this investment opportunity, or this law!
So, we should also state in principle that 90% of bureaucrats in the embassy do not know every law as a lawyer or a special Consultant in that field should know. Furthermore, you must understand, there is no embassy in the world where you can apply for a second citizenship. Later, if the citizenship has been approved or decided by the government, the COR (Certificate of Registration) can be sent to the embassy, where the investor must then make his fingerprints, so that the passport can then be issued, which can take a week or two. Means you can get the Citizenship and Passport there, but never apply for Exemptional Citizenship Belize in the Embassy.

So basically, you cannot apply for a Citizenship by Investment Program, a Business Investment Program or a Residency by Investment Program at any embassy. And certainly, no way, to apply for a special citizenship application or Exemptional Citizenship Belize through the Ministry of Economic and Ministry of Foreign Affairs there, in any Embassy of Belize.
Of course, even with such offers on the Internet for a Exemptional Citizenship Belize, you have to be very careful which agency you trust and which you don't!
I claim that the GCI UNIT are the most successful agency in this segment in Balkans and that we have successfully brought hundreds of companies to the Balkans.

What is Exemptional Citizenship Belize?

Government of Belize has opened their doors to investors to those that are interested for Exemptional Citizenship Belize.
Exemptional Citizenship Belize describes the lawful procedure where an investor or family gets second citizenship or long-term house in a country in return for a defined financial investment in Belize. Many countries worldwide run Exemptional Citizenship, also known as citizenship by investment programs, as a way to draw in direct foreign financial investment to their country, as well as Exemptional Citizenship Belize.
The benefits of financial movement are indisputable when it comes to creating economic growth. Therefore, lots of countries have applied immigration policies and also laws made to draw in well-off people. In today's shifting worldwide economic climate, nonetheless, many high net worth people reside and carry out business at a worldwide level. As a result, for most of these "worldwide people", financial investment immigration programs that include an obligatory physical residency requirement are merely not practical.
These Exemptional Citizenship Belize are structured to simulate international direct financial investment by entrepreneurs running at an international degree and are usually run in a legal and also transparent fashion according to local laws of Belize.
Every country like Belize have special conditions and laws, which you must fulfill to become a part of Exemptional Citizenship Belize. GCI can provide to you a full support through the whole process of obtaining Exemptional Citizenship Belize.

Benefits of Exemptional Citizenship Belize?

Acquiring a powerful second passport with a trustworthy countries like Belize can supply business experts with unequaled liberty to travel along with raised political and also economic diversity.
Second citizenship with financial investment in the right territory can improve a person's monetary safety and return strategic tax obligation preparation opportunities, and can also enable a personal or family members to hedge versus geopolitical threat or promptly leave from unstable areas. There are, however, a variety of poorly implemented, rogue, or even blatantly fraudulent migration and citizenship systems in existence today.
To assist people make knowledgeable decisions in Exemptional Citizenship Belize when examining offered international citizenship options, GCI gives help about extremely identified Exemptional Citizenship Belize.


GCI UNIT Serbia advises on suitable capital contribution opportunities, liaises with the various government agencies and ministries, and finally prepares and lodges your application with the Government. As with other citizenship programs, the procedure involves a thorough background check, and applicants are normally required to attend an interview in Serbia. Citizenship documents are issued after the citizenship application has been approved.
The average time frame for an application is 6 - 8 months. Successful applicants receive full citizenship of the Republic of Serbia by decision of the Government of Serbia, and can apply for a passport immediately afterwards. Passports are issued within a few days.
The grant of citizenship is not reported to any other country, as it falls within the Government provisions relating to privacy/official secrets.
You can apply over us: GCI UNIT Serbia

North Macedonia:

GCI UNIT Skopje can help you to apply in North Macedonia, under the law of Ministry of foreign affairs of article 11 can a foreigner who meets the requirements referred to in Article 7 paragraph 1 points 1 and 8 of this Law, acquire citizenship of the Republic of Macedonia by naturalization if this is of special scientific,economic, cultural, sports or other national interest.
Over us GCI UNIT Skopje you can apply for the Citizenship. The North Macedonia process takes about 6 -12 months.
Macedonia is very interested and popular for People! It is since 2005 a EU Joining candidate and will go now very soon in around 2023/24 as a full member in the EU, will also this year a NATO Member.

Important Note:
Some tricksters even claim to work with GCI; please get in touch with us when you wish to investigate regarding our network partners in different countries.
This is to rectify a situation we have seen on different internet sites organizations in varying countries offering hefty overpriced residency in NORTH MACEDONIA and market this as citizenship. Double and triple compared with GCI services.
GCI Unit Skopje and TCME cooperation partners are the only organizations able to offer the 'Economic Citizenship Solution' for the Republic of North Macedonia. Be aware of tricksters !

Republic Slovenia:

In Republic Slovenia can a Citizenship also be acquired by way of exceptional naturalisation, allowing foreign citizens to acquire Slovenian citizenship under more lenient conditions if that is in the national interest – scientific, economic, cultural, social, national or similar reasons may be taken into consideration.


In Austria, Article 10 (6) of the Austrian Citizenship Act states that the government can reward foreign persons with citizenship in the event of extraordinary merit. This process may take various forms, including economic ones and can include capital contribution or other economic benefit brought to Austria. However, in Austria, citizenship is not granted on the basis of capital contribution alone. The foreign investor must make an extraordinary contribution alongside their investment, such as bringing new technologies to the country or creating a substantial number of new jobs.
The Austrian Citizenship Act generally requires the applicant to abandon their current citizenship as a precondition for being granted Austrian citizenship. However, in case of a grant of citizenship under the provisions of Article 10 (6) of the Citizenship Act, the former citizenship can be legally maintained, that is, the applicant may not be required to give up their present citizenship

The right connection, the right Agency

special for that Solution GCI – Global Citizenship Investment

Important for every agent, lawyer or consultant who makes you relevant to this, check whether he knows the respective laws there, whether he is familiar with the respective country and especially, of course, whether he has references. Not often enough can I say that there are more fraudsters in this market than actually serious consultants.
Especially with this variant of citizenship, it is also important to know which subventions you receive from the state, for which projects the state is open, which licenses are required, which business in the respective country has a future. Not to forget how much tax you can pay in the end!
And if you then get a meeting with the respective minister, such as the GCI – Global Citizenship Investment Unit, for example, then you know that you are in the right place with the right agent.
Our legal team and specialized lawyers are renowned in the global immigration arena, with over 25 years’ experience in fast turnaround dual citizenship programs.
Our outstanding team of professional consultants has been carefully selected and works towards our company ethos:
Focused on you - our Client.



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