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Through GCI by TCME Group Worldwide and their Board Advisor, governments have access to the world’s most experienced policy advisors, foreign direct investment specialists and legal experts in this field. We co-ordinate the experience and expertise of these professionals to provide in-depth advice and support about Honorary Consul East Europe.

Besides its successful practice for international private clients for Honorary Consul East Europe, TCME Group Worldwide also frequently advises governments and their agencies on economic development strategies and their implementation, also in East Europe. 

This government advisory practice focuses particularly on creating favorable conditions for foreign direct investment through the design, implementation and operation of investor immigration and citizenship programs and similar instruments aiming to enhance a country's attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors. We know that a Honorary Consul East Europe will develop the economy and relationship between the countries. To be helpful to our clients, GCI advisors are highly educated about Honorary Consul East Europe. If you want to get more informations about Honorary Consul East Europe contact one of our experts today.

Honorary Consulate and Diplomatic Passport

It must be noted that many fraudulent and scam web-sites in the Internet offer Diplomatic Appointments and Diplomatic Passports. Experts of TCME Worldwide Group and his Department, who have some practical experience in providing legal service for prospective Honorary Consuls to be appointed to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, general East Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific are very skeptical about these offers. 

Diplomatic Positions even in the undeveloped and in the poorest countries are normally meant for career diplomats who enjoy full immunity and full privileges and not for businessmen. Nevertheless, there is no smoke without fire. Surprisingly enough the appointment of Honorary Consuls in East Europe with many privileges is legally possible in some cases. A foreign government which feels that some form of representation in another country for example in East Europe is desirable to complement the activities of its Embassy or Consulate may appoint a person who has not hitherto been part of their diplomatic service to fulfill this role. 

Honorary Consul may combine the position with his own commercial and business activities, and in some instances may not even be a citizen of the sending country in East Europe. Such consular appointments are usually given the title of Honorary Consul. These Honorary Consuls are not career officials of the represented state. Some of them are locally-engaged staff with the nationality of the sending country, and in smaller cities, or in cities that are very distant from full-time diplomatic missions.

Notwithstanding their other roles, Honorary Consular Officers (in the widest use of the term) also have responsibility for the protection of citizens of the appointing country within their Consular District. Thus, particularly within a port town, an Honorary Consul may be called out (at any time, day or night) to attend to the well-being of a citizen of the appointing country who has been arrested. Their role of Honorary Consuls in this situation is to ensure that the arrested persons are treated in a like manner as would be the citizen of the country in which this person was arrested, and understand their rights and obligations.

Tasks and Duties of Honorary Consuls:

Main tasks of Honorary Consuls include the enhancement of bilateral relations in trade, economy, culture and science between the sending country and the country of your citizenship or permanent residence. 

The Honorary Consulate helps with the economic and trade cooperation and with the expansion of business from the country of citizenship in the country of representation, for example in East Europe or other country. 

Another important task is the support of the development of the international relations, the representation and perception of the interests of the country you represent, and give assistance and consular protection for country of representation citizens and institutions. 

The Honorary Consulate supports the work of the Embassy of the country of representation and informs the sending country on the economic, political, cultural, and social life of the country of citizenship or permanent residence of the Honorary Consul. 

As an Honorary Consul, it is also your task to contribute to the traditionally friendly and multilateral relations between the countries and their people, and to represent the interests of the sending country and its citizens. In these strivings, you can always count with the support of the Embassy of the country of representation and its Consulates.

We have some direct contact with several Governments that could be interested in appointing Honorary Consuls should the appropriate candidate appear. The legal assistance fee will be negotiated individually with candidates who send their CV.

In case you are interested in Honorary Consul East Europe, please, send us your CV for consideration.



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