Living with the limitations Covid brings

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It looks like we've gotten used to living with the limitations Covid brings

Some countries like New Zealand and Australia continue to fight hard to completely eradicate the virus. It may seem like an unusual strategy to some, but it is what it is.

So "back to normal"? I do not think so. Smart, creative citizens who are not slaves to the regime have recognized more than ever that most governments have failed in many ways over the past two years, including that "freedom" is the most precious commodity.

The freedom to live where you want, to travel, collect your taxes there, and in any way, you think is fair. Many have realized more than ever that they want to live where they are treated in the best and fairest way for tax purposes ... and still have a good quality of life. More than ever, we are ready to accompany you in this search. The result does not have to be the same for all. We can give you some Advice:

  • Banking secrecy is dead. Financial privacy is dead. Find out how to stay under the radar.
  • Which countries have crypto-friendly tax laws?
  • How do I reduce my tax liability? What tax savings are there?
  • How do I secure my assets?
  • Where can I live more freely and autonomously with my family?
  • In which countries can I buy a second citizenship by investing, below the radar?
  • Which island can I buy?
  • How do I get a residence permit in Europe as a NON- EU member?

We can answer all the questions and more in a personal conversation. 
Call us and arrange a zoom meeting with our experts.,

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