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Dear Valued Partner,  

First and foremost, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your families during these uncertain times.  We trust you and your families are well and continue to remain so.  

We see signs of hope as some countries begin to ease lockdown restrictions. Viral curves are flattening in the markets in which we operate. The foresight of the Eastern European governments with early closure of borders (which was no doubt a difficult decision) ensured the pandemic was contained.  Corona cases have been restricted to low double digits across the East Europe like Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro etc.  

All eyes will soon turn to the economic restart of the East Europe economies.  Once travel restrictions are lifted, there could be a record rebound in terms of stay over tourist . We foresee an increase in arrivals from People all over the world, special to invest in there Countries of Ex Yogoslavia (Balkan) with the cheapest Tax in Europe. 

All jurisdictions have implemented remote working processes for their Citizenship by Investment Units to ensure continuity in processing. 

In the Post Covid era, our outlook for the citizenship by investment industry remains strong.  We have experienced an increase in interest over the past few weeks.  This demand is concentrated in citizenship by investment jurisdictions that offer more than just visa free travel.  Citizenship by investment programs which provide investors the flexibility to invest and reside in more in rising markets such as economies (such Serbia and North Macedonia) will see their popularity grow.  Spezial Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia has been the beneficiary of this increased demand as economic citizens are able also, to live and reside in the US through the E2 visa treaty – this is especially the case with citizenship seekers who reside in emerging markets. 

Our Board Member , Mr Uwe Zirbes, recently shared his views on the citizenship through Business investment industry in the Business Newspaper Economica and his opinion piece 

GCI - Gloal Citizenship by Investment and his Team has seamlessly embraced home working and offers our clients & partners, support through online interactions (through a variety of platforms).  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we are able to provide you with any assistance at this juncture.  

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to our continued co-operation 
Yours faithfully, 
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