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GCI Global Citizenship Investment by TCME Worldwide Group Services

Your international working Strategic Crisis Advisors from TCME Worldwide Group with his different Departments in Europe to prepare “your Plan B”

To make the decision for the “PLAN B” Strategy, you have to think on different important things. Our TCME Worldwide Group together with the different departments and his Partners, help Investors successful around the world. It's not just about what the cheapest passport in the world is or what passport I can usually travel without a visa. I think the whole world is changing after the Corona virus and I also hope, the opinions of various investors will be change. We, as Strategic Crisis Advisors from TCME Worldwide Group try to open your eyes, literally "look over outside the box" and to find solutions that you can include in your decision.

Our different Department Services of the Group:

Business Advisory Services:
Startup the Company in the Country.
Investment Consultancy research for the best Business Opportunity.
Market research in Europe or other Countries.
Finding the best place to build real estate.
Our international Economic Consultants finding the best place to invest in agriculture in Serbia, North Macedonia or even in other Countries.
TCME Worldwide Group with his Departments bring people together with other Investors and Companies with the same experience in any Country what you which.

Citizenship & Residency Advisory.
Which program is the optimal one for your own needs, tailored Variant?
In what country are you with your nationality and culture feel most comfortable.
Where can you find the right job or business for your Needs with your experience?
Where do you and your Kids have the best health care?

In which country do your children have the best schooling
Requirements for your future?
Where would you be and your family in the next crisis and also "feel at home" and could stay without problems or negative thoughts in quarantine?
In which other safety country do more of your nationality live and thus meet like-minded people and possibly have already a community?
Which country is safety and has a strong and strict government?
In the worst case, in which country will there be no food shortages?
Which country will grow fastest from the crisis?
Which country offers the best opportunities to create new jobs?
Which country will raise the most taxes to come out of the minus? Did you like to move there?
Which country subsidizes your Business?

Economic Relationships
My expertise is not only used by business enterprises. I also advise and support leading government organisations in strategic planning, Investments and diplomatic relations. My function besides the search and advice for the foreign Investors is the diplomatic and bilateral relations between countries. I can help in setting up strategies and campaigns for an issue-based advocacy for your organisation or government, to create a successful public opinion environment in other countries.

Diplomatic Consultancy
Sustainability is the benchmark of our coexistence and economic activity. After all, the way we handle finite resources determines how future generations will be able to live in the world. New technologies and digitization are important building blocks in that context.

Digital technologies are developing by leaps and bounds and are transforming our economies, our mobility and the way we live together. In this age of upheavals and disruption, in which complexity is increasing, remaining capable of acting is what matters.

A business that wishes to be successful tomorrow thus needs to embark on new paths today. This includes critically examining the business model, opening up to politics and society and entering into dialog. Speaking openly and acting credibly will gain you the acceptance needed to secure the company’s future.

Change is like a marathon: you need to really want it and persevere. The effort does pay off, though, mainly thanks to the increased acceptance and credibility and not least in the shape of rising demand. Our mission is to support our customers on this path.

Offshore Solutions
Our Strategic and Finance Advisors give you the best option to save tax!
Finance Consultants protecting your private equity for example in Vanuatu or also other Countries.
Our economic Consulting firm help you for Company relocation abroad in East-Europe or other places.

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Executive Search
Manager search for your existing, or new company around the world.
Resident qualified employee search in East Europe or any ware.

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IT and Cyber Security Service
With threats continually on the rise, organisations must take their cyber security seriously in order to survive.
More than half of British firms reported a cyber attack in 2019 – so it’s critical that businesses invest in advanced measures that go beyond standard firewall and anti-virus defences.

That’s where TCME worldwide Group with his Department.

With our best-of-breed systems and solutions, we offer a range of advanced managed cyber security services. Our next-generation services are designed to help you build confidence, safeguard what’s important, and secure your environment. We’ll ensure you have proactive mechanisms in place to protect and defend, from the inside out.

Cyber security is the body of technology, process and practices that is used to minimise the risk of a cyber attack – preventing unauthorised access to the personal and business information you store online, on your company network and on your devices. Cyber attacks are usually aimed at acquiring, changing, or destroying sensitive information, identity theft, extorting money from users, or interrupting normal business processes, which in all cases can be damaging to any company. Attacks are not only a threat due to loss of data and productivity, they can be incredibly costly – cyber crime is predicted to cost companies £6 trillion worldwide by 2021. *

A successful cyber security approach involves multiple layers of protection across all your devices, programs, networks and systems. We offer a full managed service to provide advanced detection, incident response and recovery against emerging cyber security vunerabilities and threats.

Corona changed the full System and future Life


The Politics of the Pandemic Situation

Although the full ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic stay to be seen, it is currently clear that residential as well as worldwide politics will certainly-- and must-- change to prevent an even deeper catastrophe. We are going into a take on brand-new world in which "huge government" and global solidarity are both inescapable.

With COVID-19, the world faces several crises in one: a global health dilemma has set off dilemmas in the economy, civil society, and daily life. It stays to be seen whether political instability will certainly comply with, either within nations or internationally. Yet, clearly, the pandemic has actually dramatically altered life as we know it. While the end of the situation as well as its effects can not be forecasted, particular significant changes can be expected.

The situation is not just complex, far-reaching, and also threatening to the foundations of specific cultures and the global economy. It is also lot of times much more harmful as well as comprehensive than the 2008 global economic crisis. Unlike that episode, the coronavirus threatens countless lives around the world, and also its effects on the economic situation are not centered in only one sector.

All over the world, a lot of financial task has actually been iced up, establishing the stage for a worldwide economic downturn. In addition to the death toll and the security of wellness systems, the large concern right now is exactly how serious the economic decline will certainly be, and what irreversible consequences it will have.

Likewise, we can only think what results the infection will certainly have on already-fragile regions, and especially on refugee camps. Iran seems to be going to a major altruistic dilemma, in which the poorest as well as most prone will certainly be the most impacted. Past that, it is still prematurely for any kind of from another location reasonable assessment of COVID-19's altruistic consequences.

However previous experience tells us that significant shocks such as this do tend to interrupt political systems as well as global relationships. Western democracies, particularly, might locate their administration brought into question. The principles of civils rights might be pitted against economic imperatives. The pandemic additionally invites a generational dispute between young and also old, and also in between authoritarianism as well as liberal freedom.

And yet an alternative situation is feasible, in which the COVID-19 situation gives rise to a brand-new solidarity. Lest we fail to remember, an earthquake and tidal wave in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 created the problems for finishing the civil war in Aceh, North Sumatra.

In the short-term, the nations most impacted by the pandemic will become crisis economies: governments will certainly seek massive levels of investing and also various other non-traditional steps to avoid a complete collapse. The performance of the reaction continues to be to be seen. But it is clear that the connection in between the economy and also the state will undergo an essential change.

In a significant separation from the dominating knowledge of current decades, we are already witnessing the return of "big government." Everyone is aiming to the state to infuse huge sums of money into the economic climate, and to rescue (or take control of) threatened firms and also fields that are considered crucial. The state's massively enhanced duty will need to be downsized after the dilemma has passed, but how to do so is up for debate. Preferably, governments will transfer the returns that come from re-privatization into a sovereign riches fund, thus offering the public a share in the post-crisis negotiation.

Until after that, "big federal government"-- whether the European Commission or national authorities-- will certainly be expected to plan for the next disaster. Instead of being captured totally off guard again, it will certainly need to guarantee the arrangement of as vital medical materials, personal safety equipment, disinfectants, sufficient lab capability, intensive-care systems, etc.

However that isn't all. The security, effectiveness, capability, as well as costs of existing health-care systems will certainly remain a prominent problem. The COVID-19 dilemma has actually revealed that it isn't actually possible to privatize healthcare. As a matter of fact, public health is a standard public excellent, and an important factor in calculated protection.

There will certainly additionally be increased, sustained focus to the pharmaceutical market, particularly the residential stipulation of important medicines and advancement of brand-new ones. Numerous countries will certainly no longer want to depend on worldwide supply chains that can conveniently break down in an emergency situation.

This is not to suggest that the market economic will certainly be abolished. Numerous countries will no more be willing to depend on international supply chains that can easily break down in an emergency situation.

This is not to recommend that the market economy will be eliminated. But the state definitely will insist itself vis-à-vis business community, a minimum of when it comes to strategic concerns. For example, the situation will certainly welcome a significant policy push for electronic sovereignty in Europe. Its design will certainly not be that of authoritarian China, however that of democratic South Korea which has actually established a digital side.

So far, nevertheless, the EU has not played a famous duty in the worldwide reaction to COVID-19. This is not surprising. In existential crises, individuals often tend to return to what they recognize best, and what they understand finest is the nation state. Yet while Europe's nation-states absolutely can play an immediate crisis-management function, they can not deal with the dilemma.

Besides, the single market, the joint currency, as well as the European Central Bank are the only mechanisms that can stop a financial collapse as well as allow an ultimate recuperation in Europe. The COVID-19 situation is thus most likely to force Europeans "ever closer" with each other, needing also deeper uniformity.

What is the option? A return to the world where everybody takes care of themselves? For EU member-state governments, that would certainly total up to political and economic self-destruction.
The COVID-19 pandemic is the first dilemma of the twenty-first century that truly impacts every one of mankind. Yet extra situations will adhere to, as well as they will certainly not all come in the kind of a virus. Undoubtedly, the fast-forward dilemma we are now experiencing is a preview of what is yet to find if we do not resolve climate adjustment.


We, Diplomatic Consultancy from TCME Worldwide Group in Caribbean and others parts of the world are persuaded that integrity as well as approval identify long-lasting success in times of significant social and also technical upheavals. Tomorrow's success depends upon the sustainability practiced today. Ecology and also economy belong with each other. This conviction led us to found the consulting company TCME worldwide Group - and that is what drives us to this day.
We support our customers in the areas of public affairs, communication and sustainability in East Europe, Europe, Africa, Pacific and - in cooperation with our partners worldwide.
We adapt our consulting services to the needs of our clients. We provide custom-made and also high quality work; it integrates experience and a clear method.
We see ourselves as a solution provider.



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