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The economic powerhouse of Europe

Best known for its efficient production of high-tech products, Germany is a hotbed of investment with many of the world's most successful corporations having a substantial presence there.

Alongside a booming economy, Germany has an internationally renowned education system, playing host to some of the most prestigious schools and universities in Europe. German residents enjoy a very high standard of living, a modern and affordable health service and unrivalled travel infrastructure.

Germany's reputation as pro-business and pro-immigration has helped create diverse, multicultural communities throughout the country. All religions and ethnicities are represented, making it a welcoming and prosperous place for overseas investors.

Applicants are required to purchase real estate and make an investment into a regional development fund. By doing so, the qualified applicant, his/her spouse and their children under the age of 18, will be granted permanent resident status after three years, allowing the entire family to live, study and work in Germany, but also to travel across all Schengen Area countries.

Week 1

Business plan and German residency applications submitted simultaneously. Refundable deposit is made.

Week 2

Residency pre authorisation checks carried out. Escrow account opened and investment amount, fees, expenses and taxes transferred.

Week 5

Applicants apply for 90 day National D-Visa at their local German embassy or consulate.

Week 10-12

D-Visa issued. Applicants purchase German health insurance, confirm address and travel to Germany to complete the application and receive residence status


Each step must be completed before continuing to the next:

STAGE I – Month 1-2



Main applicant and family members apply for the program by depositing a refundable down payment
Legal counsel will initiate the residency process


Pre-approval will be issued by the local German authorities
Pre-approval will be sent to the respective German embassy in the applicants' country of origin
Legal counsel opens an escrow account under the applicants' name
Applicant transfers the remaining balance to the escrow account within 14 days after receiving the pre-approval

STAGE II – Month 3

Temporary Residence


Applicant and family members apply for the D-Visa at their local German embassy - valid for 90 days
Issuance of D-Visa (valid for 90 days)
Applicants travel to Germany within 90 days and complete the residency application process with the local authorities

STAGE III – Year 3

Permanent Residence


Main Applicant and qualifying family members will be eligible for permanent residence after successfully completing 3 years of temporary residence
The German Entrepreneurial Residency Program is one of the premium choices for foreign entrepreneurs seeking European residency.


The GCI Unit is designed to grant successful foreign entrepreneurs, temporary and then permanent residency by engaging in entrepreneurial activity within the city of Solingen.

GCI UNIT is an exclusive opportunity for Entrepreneurs to become a European resident and enjoy access to free education and world-class healthcare infrastructure.

Permanent Residency through Entrepreneurial Activity


  • 3-year Temporary Residence Card, which will be converted into permanent residency in year 4
  • Spouse and children under the age of 18 can be included in the application
  • No minimum requirements to stay, but should not leave the country for more than 6 months
  • No language requirements
  • Multiple residences in Germany are allowed (but one in Solingen is mandatory)
  • Freedom of travel across all Schengen member countries
  • Free Education
  • Free Healthcare

The Law: Non-EU citizens are eligible for residency via entrepreneurial activity

Criteria for being eligible for temporary residence

  • Entrepreneurial activity in Germany
  • German health insurance
  • Residential address in Germany
  • No Criminal Record

There is no ‘Investor category’ in Germany. Instead, foreign nationals willing to engage in entrepreneurial activity and become a resident in Germany must comply with the immigration laws related to self - employment, by taking up an economic activity which is only granted if all of the following apply (section 21, Residence Act):

  • There is a local economic interest
  • The activity is expected to have a positive effect on the economy
  • The foreign national is prepared to commit personal capital to realise the business project
  • The period of validity of the residence permit is 3 years. After three years, a settlement permit can be issued if the nfollowing applies:
  • The foreign national has successfully performed the planned activity; and
  • The foreign national is able to support the entire family without State support

After 8 years of residing in Germany, residents may apply for Citizenship if fulfill the below criteria

  1. 18 years old
  2. No criminal record
  3. German B1
  4. Renounce other citizenship
  5. Pass the citizenship test (knowledge about history for German)
  6. 33 multiple choice question in living, society, rule and laws 17/33 to pass

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