Citizenship residence programs are programs where foreign citizens get a chance to get a second passport with an investment into a country's economy. This is a chance for every business owner or a wealthy individual to secure a second passport for them and their family.

Residence Visa program by GCI

Each of our clients has their own specific needs and our main policy is to tend those needs. Each of our clients will get the most reliable and professional advice and they will be walked through the whole process, from the first to the last step. We have experts on our team that have a great experience with acquiring second citizenships, immigration, international laws, and tax policies. Every program will be tailored to the needs of our clients, and every solution that we offer will be the best solution there is. We only offer high standard opportunities and locations, and we guarantee our clients that they will have a better and happier life.
If you don’t know what is the best option for you our team will help you decide and find the country that best suits your needs. Every country is different, and every program has its own different processes. But also, every country has its own benefits, which will guarantee you a happy and safe future.
We will research and get to know your business and with that, we will make a plan. What country will be best you’re your business and for your assets. Every country has its own benefits, but also almost every country has its own downsides. We are going to find the perfect balance between those two things, and you can be sure that you will get the best tax efficiency. Once you choose and acquire second citizenship or a residence visa in a lower tax frame country, your business will grow and it will become more successful. Apart from low tax, you will get a residence in a safer country, where you will be able to live peacefully with your family.

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