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If you are looking for a quick and easy way that is not so complicated to acquire a second citizenship and a second passport legally you are at the right place.

We are the hallmark for quality service and professional excellence in many various areas of practice in a very large extent, ranging from immigration and business relationship and setup for companies, real estate business as well in order to ensure our clients’ interests are protected in their seamless application processes of Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

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Second Citizenship

Release yourself from the laws and limitations of one country and grasp the best benefits with a second citizenship.

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Invest into the Future

Investment oportunies that benefit both the country and yourself.

Permanent Citizenship

Permanent Citizenship

Once you gain your new citizenship, it is yours indefinitely.

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Fast procedures

We offer programs that have outstanding procedure speeds - You can get passport in 30-60 days!


Advisory and Consulting for plan B

25 years of experience, with clients all around the world.

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Exclusive Search for Diplomat

We are the first that offer programs in the Balkans.


With our department GCI – Global Citizenship Investment, we are a global provider for Citizenship by Investment Programs, Honorary Citizenship, Residency Program and Citizenship Solution over Economic Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are proficient in identifying rare and exceptional opportunities around the globe for our clients which combine mainly solid investments leading to benefits of permanent residency, passports and citizenship in that country.



At the moment are moving out from their countries more than ever because of the bad effects of globalization are present in many countries all over the world. The main reason for the moving out is mostly employment, some of the people want to feel, see, and enjoy the other part of the world, and a few of people want to have two homes, and have a chance to choose where they spend their spare time and their capital without any limits.

Economic Diplomat

Honorary consuls are recognized in international law and theoretically enjoy the same privileges as career diplomats. Often they are locals appointed in cities too insignificant for professional consulates. Most work without pay. Their numbers have been growing steadily in recent years, to more than 20,000 worldwide. Many represent small or fast-growing countries. Estonia has 165, up from 100 only a few years ago. Iceland has 250. Among large countries, Australia, Canada and Russia are enthusiastic employers of honorary consuls.

World travel is one reason for their growing ubiquity. Tourists range ever farther afield. When they fall ill or have run-ins with the law, embassies in national capitals are often too far away to provide assistance. New trade routes also generate demand for honorary consuls. Small African countries now do business with firms in provincial Chinese and Indian cities. Who can afford punchy representation everywhere? Well-connected locals offering their services for the honour of flying the flag are more than welcome.
Honorary Consul are a remarkably effective, almost zero-cost option for representation in cities and regions where countries may not opt to establish fulltime consulates of their own. Many countries that under-use this option, especially developing countries, can gain much from this option, especially at a time when foreign ministry budgets are shrinking the world over. It is a diplomacy trend that has a sound future.


We are different!

GCI - Global Citizenship by Investment firm is till years the only professional International Business Investment and Advisory Firm for Foreign Economic Relations, who help special Investors, to apply over Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic!

We are providing our consulting services for Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Vanuatu, Moldova, Slovenia, Greece and Turkish Citizenship and Economic Programs and targeting interested investors from the Middle East, Asia and Pacific Region. We working directly together with the Government from Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Vanuatu and other Countries.

Some of the ways to invest are opening a fixed deposit, savings account, buy government bonds, or buying Real Estate.

If you are planning to get the second passport we can assure you that the best option is to contact us to guide you through this long process. At the end of the journey, you will be happy, satisfied, and free in another country you choose. We will secure all your information at the beginning of the process so you do not have to be afraid.

If you want to find out more about this contact us to learn more!

At the moment people are moving out from their countries more than ever because of the bad effects of globalization are present in many countries all over the world. The main reason for the moving out is mostly employment, some of the people want to feel, see, and enjoy the other part of the world, and a few of people want to have two homes, and have a chance to choose where they spend their spare time and their capital without any limits.



  1. To protect your capital from excessive taxation
  2. To avoid pursuit in your country of living if you are a minority
  3. If you and your family do not want to be part of the military service in your origin country
  4. To avoid some kind of terrorism in your origin country
  5. To have a better chance for employment
  6. To just have a second place for living


The Caribbean countries give the Citizenship by Investment Program with both offers, donation or invest in real estate, and you do not have to be inhabitant there. With Dominica passport you can enter more than a hundred countries for example, and at around $200,000 you can get there with your family, two adults and two under the age of 18.

The Caribbean countries take between 4 to 6 months to process the application. After that, they hand over the citizenship certificate, and you do not have to be an inhabitant in the country - just buy a real estate, or donate to the country economy. If you decide on the first option you will be the owner of the real estate.

If you search a strong passport, if you like to have a save future for your kids, if you like to have the best clinics for your healthy, if you like to do a good business, if you search for a strong goverment, if you like to have a better Reputation, than apply in Europe,- Serbia , Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Moldova, Montenegro or North Macedonia, or also in the Pacific near Australia in Vanuatu, up to you.


In the Oceania region is Vanuatu’s investor immigration program. Vanuatu is an archipelago located about 1,000 miles east of Australia. Vanuatu’s Development Support Program requires an all-in cost of $150,000 for a Single or for family of four $ 210,000. This is a non-refundable donation to the islands.

In return, applicants receive a passport good for visa-free travel to 129 countries, including the UK, all of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vanuatu is a beautiful remote, tax-free tropical paradise. It is known not only for its great location and climate, but also as a great place for owning and operating a business.

Life on Vanuatu is far from hectic. As anyone who has visited the islands before—in the South Pacific or elsewhere—hectic is one of the last words you would use to describe island life.

People in the islands, with Vanuatu being no exception, often prefer to relax and take life as it comes. As with relocating anywhere, it is important to consider not only your own position and finance, but also the situation and customs of the place to which you will be moving.

Costs of living are relatively low, but as with any other small island nation, Vanuatu relies on imports, which drives up prices a lot on items that cannot be produced locally. The islands have a very accessible system of banks, internet and mobile networks. This makes it very easy to move to Vanuatu, and yet still maintain a good and active connection with other places in the world.

We help you to reduce your Tax to a minimum by moving your Company or by becoming a citizen in a cheaper Tax Country

The main problem of the people are high taxes, and the most complaining goes on that topic. If you have two passports you can manage your money as you like, you can just shift money from one country to another with no questions asked. You can operate with your capital and you will not pay much tax. If you have your own business you can expand your business in the second country when you get a second citizenship.


A second passport is a must-have at the moment in the world because it gives you more opportunities in your everyday life. All the doors around the world will be open for you because you have the choice to travel wherever you want, expand your business, pay taxes, and peacefully live your life.

For example, if we are talking about your bank accounts, you probably have more than one account and keep your assets in more than one bank. Usually, people split their assets because of money’s security. The same logic you can use when we are talking about the second passport. If you are from India, for example, you have a very limited visa-free travel option. The Indian’s passport is at the bottom of the ranking list of the visa-free passports.

Second Passport for your future

No matter what is the first passport you can choose your second one and make your life better. The list of the reason why you should get a second passport is long, some of the reasons are a social movement, political issues or economic issues, a natural disaster because life is unpredictable. Look at the second passport as an insurance policy.

The government in some countries can cancel your passport or take your money for no reason, and you are practically become a political prisoner in your own home. You do not realize that the United States revoke the passports for all Americans who lived abroad because they did not pay child support or taxes. When this happens, you must return to the United States, and you will be forced to do that if you have not got a second passport. This is an everyday situation, do not think this is happening once in a while.
Think about your future, about a peaceful life with your family, make your dreams come true, and secure your assets with the second passport. If you want to find out more about the reasons why you should get a second passport just continue reading.


This is one of the best solutions for the better life, freedom, and protection of your money. If you want to relax just invest in the second passport. Many of the countries recognize dual nationality, and you do not worry about that, and you will have many benefits from that. The main benefits are economic liberty and financial success, and reduction of the taxes. On that way, you will protect your assets, and you make a legal right to live and work in another country as a rightful citizen.

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If you want to start the process read all about it on our website and we will provide you all the answers. We understand the whole process of the application, and we want to help you with that. We can make your problems disappear and show you more options.