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If you are looking for a quick and easy way that is not so complicated to acquire a second citizenship and a second passport legally you are at the right place.
Citizenship is often acquired by birth, by descent, which means that your parents are from a country that you are seeking the citizenship from, or by marriage with a citizen from a specific country.
But there is a way to acquire a second passport and second citizenship, besides these regular ways. And the answer to all of your questions is the Citizenship Program. You don’t have to go through naturalization, which often takes a lot of time, money, and it’s different from country to country.
Citizenship by Investment is the easiest way to get a second passport and second citizenship because these programs offer many options from which you can choose. You can invest by donation, real estate or business, and you will get your second citizenship and a second passport quick, easy and legally.



It is time to open to the world of freedom

There are many types of citizenship through a different Investment program. Those programs allow a candidate to get the citizenship of another country by investing in some kind of Donation or Real Estate Investment. On this way, the applicant helps the economy, infrastructure, and development of that country. You can call that second passport some kind of economic citizenship.

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Countries that offer Citizenship- Facts

Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda give the Citizenship by Investment Program with both offers, donation or invest in real estate, and you do not have to be inhabitant there. With Dominica passport you can enter more than a hundred countries for example, and at around $200,000 you can get there with your family, two adults and two under the age of 18.

Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts, and Nevis take between 4 to 6 months to process the application. After that, they hand over the citizenship certificate, and you do not have to be an inhabitant in the country, just buy a real estate, or donate to the country economy. If you decide on the first option you will be the owner of the real estate.

For example, the USA, Canada, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and Bulgaria offer residency only by investment, you should know that.

Some of the ways to invest are opening a fixed deposit, savings account, buy government bonds, or buying Real Estate.

If you are planning to get the second passport we can assure you that the best option is to contact us to guide you through this long process. At the end of the journey, you will be happy, satisfied, and free in another country you choose. We will secure all your information at the beginning of the process so you do not have to be afraid.

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At the moment people are moving out from their countries more than ever because of the bad effects of globalization are present in many countries all over the world. The main reason for the moving out is mostly employment, some of the people want to feel, see, and enjoy the other part of the world, and a few of people want to have two homes, and have a chance to choose where they spend their spare time and their capital without any limits.

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Second Passport Citizenship By Investment GCI

It is very practical to own a second passport, it gives you great freedom and the power to fulfill all your dreams. Here in GCI investment unit company and with the special unique Citizenship by Investment Program especialy in 2019, your dreams can become a reality and you can become a world citizen. If you get a second passport you will be welcome in any country and you can go on a holiday where ever you want.

This is one of the best solutions for the better life, freedom, and protection of your money. If you want to relax just invest in the second passport. Many of the countries recognize dual nationality, and you do not worry about that, and you will have many benefits from that. The main benefits are economic liberty and financial success, and reduction of the taxes. On that way, you will protect your assets, and you make a legal right to live and work in another country as a rightful citizen. If you want to start the process read all about it on our website and we will provide you all the answers. We understand the whole process of the application, and we want to help you with that. We can make your problems disappear and show you more options.

What to do if you pay high tax and the best solution?

The main problem of the people are high taxes, and the most complaining goes on that topic. If you have two passports you can manage your money as you like, you can just shift money from one country to another with no questions asked. You can operate with your capital and you will not pay much tax. If you have your own business you can expand your business in the second country when you get a second citizenship

Everything you need to know to get the passport by Investment Countries

The process of getting the second passport is not difficult and GCI is authorized by most countries that offer this program. The advisers will help you to choose the best second country for you. Down below read the list of the countries from you can choose.

  • 1. Serbia 

    A beautiful, center-placed country in the Balkan Peninsula. Amazing night-life, various foreign investors attracted by recent new spark in investment projects.

  • 2. North Macedonia

    The former Yugoslav Free State of Macedonia is a mountainous country (25,713 km ² with 2100300 citizens) in the center of the Balkans, it connects highways to Europe, the Middle East and Asia and is therefore perfectly strategically located.

  • 3. Montenegro

    Montenegro is the smallest ex-Yugoslav Republic country but one of the most beautiful and promising, having a wide range of investment possibilities with outstanding geographical diversities and landscapes.

  • 4. Vanuatu

    The Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship (Development Support Program) is endorsed and guaranteed by the president of Vanuatu and was fully ratified on December 2016.

After you choose the country you should choose which investment option suits you the best.

You can choose either invest in real estate which you will own, or give a donation for a specific economy in that country.

The process of your application is divided into 7 stages:
1. Taking into the program
2. Submitting the papers
3. All security checks
4. Comfort letter process
5. Oath of allegiance to your second country
6. Issuing of the certificate of citizenship
7. Issuing of new passport


A second passport is a must-have at the moment in the world because it gives you more opportunities in your everyday life. All the doors around the world will be open for you because you have the choice to travel wherever you want, expand your business, pay taxes, and peacefully live your life.

For example, if we are talking about your bank accounts, you probably have more than one account and keep your assets in more than one bank. Usually, people split their assets because of money’s security. The same logic you can use when we are talking about the second passport. If you are from India, for example, you have a very limited visa-free travel option. The Indian’s passport is at the bottom of the ranking list of the visa-free passports.

No matter what is the first passport you can choose your second one and make your life better. The list of the reason why you should get a second passport is long, some of the reasons are a social movement, political issues or economic issues, a natural disaster because life is unpredictable. Look at the second passport as an insurance policy.

The government in some countries can cancel your passport or take your money for no reason, and you are practically become a political prisoner in your own home. You do not realize that the United States revoke the passports for all Americans who lived abroad because they did not pay child support or taxes. When this happens, you must return to the United States, and you will be forced to do that if you have not got a second passport. This is an everyday situation, do not think this is happening once in a while.
Think about your future, about a peaceful life with your family, make your dreams come true, and secure your assets with the second passport. If you want to find out more about the reasons why you should get a second passport just continue reading.

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If you want to start the process read all about it on our website and we will provide you all the answers. We understand the whole process of the application, and we want to help you with that. We can make your problems disappear and show you more options.

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