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Residence Program Russia

Foreign citizens wishing to reside in Russia are needed to look for a Russian residence license. The Russian authorities release 2 kinds of residence allows for international people: momentary residence licenses and also permanent residence licenses.

Acquiring a Russian residence license results in Russian citizenship for those interested in acquiring a Russian passport. In 2015, the government amended the Migration Regulation as well as our Russian lawyers can describe what the brand-new modifications imply as well as how they influence those who wish to make an application for residence permits.

The initial step to getting a permanent Russian residence license is to obtain a short-lived one. Our legal representatives in Russia will certainly assist you look for any one of the two types of residence licenses.

Who can obtain a Russian residence license?

It is essential to keep in mind that the Russian authorities have reputable laws regarding the foreign people who are eligible to obtain residence permits (short-term and also irreversible). Under the brand-new Migration Regulation, all international persons who intend to acquire Russian residency must verify their understanding of the Russian language, history, and regulations. The understanding should be sustained by documents issued by Russian authorities.

The following groups of people are exempt from particular needs when applying for residence permits in Russia:

  • persons aged below 18 and also over 60 that should not demonstrate they talk Russian or that they recognize the country's history;
  • international trainees enlisted with Russian recognized universities or other schools can obtain temporary residence licenses;
  • foreign people that focus on certain areas which are looked for by Russian companies are additionally exempt from the above-mentioned demands;
  • foreign people who have member of the family from the Soviet Union and that wish to move back to Russia.

Our attorneys in Russia can provide even more information on the needs connected to acquiring residence permits. We can additionally advise Russian firms curious about hiring foreign specialists for whom work authorizations are needed.

Obtaining a momentary Russian residence permit

The momentary residence visa grants an international person the same social civil liberties as any other Russian resident. The short-term residence authorization is issued for a duration of three years, but it needs to be re-validated annually. Russian short-term residence authorizations are issued by the Federal Movement Solution.

International residents with a momentary Russian residence authorization are permitted to leave the country only after acquiring a departure and a re-entry Russian visa. In order to acquire a short-lived residence license, one should fulfill the following standards:

  • the foreign citizens have to have been born in Russia,
  • have to have a Russian relative,
  • should be married to a Russian citizen,
  • have to be a capitalist doing business in Russia,
  • have to have been signed up in the Russian armed forces solution.

For information concerning the documents needed to request a short-lived residence permit, you may count on our law office in Russia.

Permanent Russian residence licenses

The permanent residence permit is the very first step to getting Russian citizenship. A Russian long-term residence permit might be obtained after holding a momentary residence visa for 2 years. The Russian irreversible residence permit has a five-year validity duration and can be prolonged without any constraint. However, much like the momentary residence visa, it has to be validated on an annual basis. Likewise, international citizens holding a Russian long-term residence visa might leave the country without looking for other visas. Owners of irreversible residence licenses may operate in Russia without a job permit.

Getting investor residence visa in Russia

In 2014, Russia went into the list of countries which allowed special programs for foreign financiers looking for to move right here. Likewise known as the business financial investment visa, the program provides for extremely advantageous problems under which international entrepreneurs can obtain Russian residence allows based upon financial investment.

One have to abide by the list below demands in order to obtain a Russian residence permit as an investor:
the minimum quantity of cash to be invested is 100,000 USD (this is one of the cheapest investment programs worldwide);.
the investment must be made in specific sectors, among which oil as well as gas, farming, power, medicine, information technology, and study and development;.
the cash to be spent should derive from a reputable source (evidence of that is required by the authorities);.
the applicant should live in Russia for 90 days before requesting the financier residence authorization.

Amongst the advantages of the Russian financier residence license are the brief processing time of roughly one month, the possibility of obtaining irreversible residency after 3 years and the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship after 5 years.

Our Russian law firm can help international investors who want to move here via a citizenship by financial investment program. We can describe the demands and also aid with the documentation to be submitted with the immigration authorities.

Files needed for acquiring a Russian residence license

Despite the kind of residence allow a foreign citizen wants to obtain in Russia, she or he will need to send the adhering to papers with the immigration authorities:

  • an application;
  • four passport-sized pictures;
  • the valid passport;
  • proof of income (bank statement);
  • a health and wellness certificate indicating the candidate does not struggle with any infectious condition.

In the case of foreign people getting long-term residency in Russia, the short-term residence authorization is additionally required.

Foreign people seeking to move to Russia with their children need to also send the children's birth certifications. Our law firm in Russia can use more information on the demands associated with applying for residence permits when it comes to relative.

FAQ on residence allows in Russia

Amongst one of the most frequently asked questions on residence permits in Russia are:

1. Does a Russian residence authorization end?
Yes, both temporary as well as permanent residence permits expire, nevertheless, they can be renewed for a limitless number of times.

2. The length of time does it take to get a momentary residence license in Russia?
It takes around 6 months for a short-lived residence license to be issued.

3. Can I open up a firm in Russia if I have a residence permit?
Yes, you are enabled to start an organisation in Russia based on a residence permit.

4. Can I operate in Russia based upon a residence allow?
Yes, you are allowed to operate in Russia if you are an owner of a temporary or long-term residence visa.

5. Can I obtain citizenship in Russia if I have a residence allow?
You can get Russian citizenship based upon a permanent residence permit.

A current report issued by the Globe Bank puts Russia second after the USA when it pertains to immigration. Russia has received between 2012 and 2015 more than 12 million foreign residents that have moved right here because of economic factors, despite the difficult regulations on immigration. The main laws governing immigration in Russia are:

  • the Constitution;
  • the Federal Legislation on Citizenship, last amended in 2004;
  • the Federal Regulation on Refugees;
  • the Federal Legislation on the Legal Position of Foreign People in Russia;
  • the Legislation of Forced Migrants
  • Our Russian lawyers can use details on all the laws discussed above

Just how can one immigrate to Russia?

Foreign people moving to Russia can do so by locating a work with a local firm or by opening up a firm here. There are additionally unique scenarios in which an international resident can get asylum in Russia. However, in many cases labor migration is the main factor foreigners pertain to Russia. In this circumstance, the Russian business utilizing the international employee will certainly handle the procedure for the foreigner to obtain their work pass.

There are a number of types of visas the Russian Federation can issue:

  • pupil visas;
  • visas for teachers;
  • visas for diplomats as well as agents of global companies;
  • temporary visas, which also apply when it comes to employees;
  • irreversible residence authorizations

According to the Russian Migration Regulation, in order to obtain irreversible residency, one must first apply for a momentary residence authorization. The last kind of visa will be issued after the international citizen has resided in Russia for 2 years.

Acquiring citizenship in Russia

Foreign people living for five nonstop years in Russia are enabled to request citizenship, according to the Immigration Regulation. Russian citizenship can be acquired in one of the adhering to ways:

  • by birth;
  • by marrying a Russian citizen;
  • by naturalization;
  • by enrollment.

Also, in 2015, the Russian Federation streamlined the guidelines under which foreign certified people as well as investors can obtain citizenship.

Considering Russian residence permits are issued based upon an annual allocation, you will initially intend to validate the variety of visas issued. For various other information about the immigration legislation, you can call our lawyers in Russia.

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